Script to download database, unzip it, copy to docker container and import data
Modify the script to clone repository after checking Git is installed
Some of the useful software to install on Ubuntu 20.04 Operation System
Have plenty of space on df -ah & df -i. But /tmp showing as 100% used
To search for a particular file on a project directory. Firstly, cd into the project folder and use find . -iname
In linux, if a specific port number say (4444) is being used and if it need to be kill or released, then we can user fuser to kill the port number in use
If you receive dangling symlink error message when using chmod on a symlink folder then you need to create a symlink with a full path
To disable requiretty edit sudoers file and comment Defaults requiretty line. Then allow user and apache to use the command without prompting for password.
To update a CentOS server time from an authoritative time server i) install ntp and start ntpd server.
To change the hostname of the machine running on Centos7, you can use sudo sysctl kernal.hostname=newhostname. However this will have only temporary effect. Which means when machine is rebooted the change will be lost.