Modify the script to clone repository after checking Git is installed
Some of the useful software to install on Ubuntu 20.04 Operation System
In order to install the color scheme on PhpStorm on Linux environment, you need to go to the PhpStorm folder located on your home directory.
We will show you two ways of intstalling ImageMagick. First approach is to install from remi repository. Another way is to install via Source Code. Both steps of installing ImageMagick is pretty straight forward.
Installing gd extension posted 7 years ago
Installing gd extension is super easy. Just run: sudo yum install gd gd-devel php-gd command and restart the httpd server.
Installing Tiff utility tool such as tiff2pdf tiff2p is Super Easy. On Centos just run this command: sudo yum install libtiff-tools
Installing php soap client posted 7 years ago
Installing php soap client is easy. On Centos just run sudo yum install php-soap and restart the httpd.
Centos 7 has dropped its support for the libgcj, making it impossible to install pdftk. To get around this you need to pull in robert-gcj repo and then install.
pdftotext and many other useful pdf utilities can be installed by pulling in poppler-utils. This then needs to be copied to /usr/local/bin from /usr/bin folder
Installing Pear Package posted 7 years ago
Installing Pear Package on Linux Centos 6, Centos 7; Ubuntu and more ...